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Through counseling, prescription medication and a little TLC, we’ll help you meet your weight loss goals and achieve the life you want to live.

Oral prescription $120/month

Virtual visit and medication

Injection Prescription Starting at $399/month

Virtual visit and medication

Initial Visit $199

Oral Prescription 

Injection Prescription Starting at $399/month

Key Statistics

Average pounds
lost in first 2 weeks
Total pounds
lost for all patients
Number of Inches
lost total

Average time to
lose desired weight in months

Success Stories

Weight loss doesn’t happen just by amping up your cardio and refusing to eat dessert. At its core, your weight loss journey is about becoming healthier than you’ve ever been. And while we may measure that by lowered risk of diabetes or improved blood pressure, we also know it’s about living a vibrant life.

For you, that may mean traveling the world, completing your first 10K run, resuming your favorite hobby, or being able to keep pace with your kids. We asked a few patients to share their success stories, where we hope you’ll find a little inspiration.

*Weight loss results can vary depending on the individual. There is no guarantee of specific results.

7 Elements of Our Healthy and
Achievable Approach to Wellness

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